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Indonesia Renewable Energy

Wed, 11/27/2013 - 16:13 -- nofrilawati

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By : Teknopreneur

It is estimated on 2011 that our world is still depend on fossil fuel and nuclear power for its electricity sources. There are only 20.3% of our total energy came from renewable source. Commonly electricity is produced from changing kinetic energy through generator. The kinetic energy that drives the generator obtained from the steam which is generated from the combustion of fossil energy sources such as coal, fuel oil, and natural gas.

For all this time, we have been too relaxed when it comes to use fossil fuel for electricity. In Indonesia, the rate of electrification is still not reached 80% yet, and almost all power planst use coal and oil as energy source. By 2011, according to data from the ERM, renewable energy sources only provide 5.03% of quota usage. It is far below the oil fuel whice is reached at 46.7% coal at 23.91% and natural gas for about 24.29%.

Despite of government has planned to use more of new renewable energy sources on 2005, but the assigned number is relatively small. Indonesia, under Government Regulation No. 5 of 2006 on National Energy Policy, sets renewable energy target only about 15 percent-including stone liquid coal. Meanwhile the rest of them are still dependent on fossil fired energy use.